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  • Nose Reshaping

Details for Case #9967

This 22-year-old patient didn’t like the look of her nose. She was unhappy with the size and shape of her dorsal hump, which curved outward rather than sloping gradually to the tip. She began researching rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, wanting to find a surgeon who could lift the tip of her nose and modify the contour to make it look more like an average nose. After seeing some of the work the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates produce, she eagerly scheduled her appointment.

She was careful to explain her concerns and the changes she wanted to see when she came in for her consultation. Her surgeon listened intently and explained her options to her. Together, they worked out what her surgeon would change and discussed what her recovery would be like.

When her plastic surgery in LA was completed, she was given time to recover before these “after” photos were taken. Six weeks after her surgery, her nose looks radically different. It now slopes downward and the tip turns slightly upward. She was very happy with the results of her surgery and was glad she decided to pursue rhinoplasty.

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