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Nose Reshaping Nose Reshaping
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Details for Case #9978

This 32-year-old woman liked the general shape of her nose, but felt that it looked a bit too large and that her nasal bridge appeared slightly crooked. She wanted to find out how to improve these characteristics in ways that would look natural for her face, but still produce a noticeable improvement in her appearance.

The patient decided to meet with a plastic surgeon to see if nose surgery in Los Angeles would create the look she wanted. During her consultation her surgeon examined her nose and discussed her goals and health history, and found that she would be a good candidate for surgery. After talking over her options and helping her create realistic expectations for her procedure, the surgeon and patient set a date for her procedure.

Rhinoplasty techniques vary from surgeon to surgeon, so it’s important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers a variety of techniques to make sure your results match your goals well. Different techniques can increase or decrease the nasal bridge, alter the tip of the nose, or decrease the size of the nostrils, and these adjustments can be made either through an incision either between the nostrils or inside them.

As seen in her pictures taken one month after surgery, this woman’s Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon enhanced the shape of her nose in ways that look very natural. The bridge of her nose appears straighter, giving her profile a smoother, more even, and more defined shape. These moderate adjustments help highlight her other features such as her eyes, and enhance the balance of her face significantly.

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