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Skincare & Makeup Before & Afters Case #12888

Patient Details

This 67-year-old woman wanted to permanently freshen up her appearance by adding color to her lips. Rather than applying red lip-liner daily, she felt that having a surgeon apply permanent makeup in Los Angeles, she would save herself time and money in the long run. To achieve her goal, she contacted Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a consultation.

When she met with her surgeon, her asked her about what she wanted her lips to look like specifically. She had given it careful thought and decided that she wanted to have a bold red applied on the edge of her lips to enhance her natural lips' shape and color. She was able to pick the exact color she wanted and her surgeon applied a topical numbing cream to maximize her comfort during the short procedure.

The procedure took less than 45 minutes to complete and the improvement was immediate. As can be seen in her "after" photos, her lips are well-defined and the outline will never smear or fade like regular lip-liner. She was very pleased with the results of her procedure and was happy that she had come to our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery center to have it done.

Procedures Performed

Skincare & Makeup

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