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Tummy Tuck Before & Afters Case #2616

Patient Details

This 35-year-old woman’s life changed after she became a mother of 3; unfortunately, her body shape changed dramatically as well of three. She decided that it was the right time to look into a change of her own that would help her look as young as she felt, so she decided to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specialized in abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills. At 5'4" and 151 pounds she was within a healthy weight, but she wanted to find out what cosmetic surgery could do for her bulging tummy, visible stretch marks, and the stubborn fat clinging to her flanks, back, and thighs.

After her doctor examined her individual case and listened to her goals, he recommended a dual procedure including both abdominoplasty and liposuction. These two procedures would complement each other very well, and help her achieve the slender and youthful torso she desired.

Her surgeon performed abdominoplasty to tighten the soft tissues at her midsection. In most abdominoplasty procedures, the surgeon will begin with a full horizontal incision between the patient's hips, below the bikini line, and add a second incision around the navel. After removing excess fat and tightening separated muscle tissues, the surgeon may also remove excess fat in other areas through a liposuction procedure.

Nine months following her surgery, the patient has recovered very well and is happy to be able to show off the results of her liposuction and tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. Her mid-section appears toned and fit, making her appear more youthful, and her hips look slender and curvaceous rather than "flabby."

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