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Tummy Tuck Before & Afters Case #5682

Patient Details

After giving birth, this 38-year-old mother wanted to restore her body to its pre-pregnancy state. She had been exercising and eating right but couldn't seem to regain the muscle tone in her stomach. After months of work with no improvement, she set up a consultation with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to discuss plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

Her surgeon listened intently as she expressed her frustration with the sagging skin around her stomach. He explained that during pregnancy, the abdomen muscles separate and weaken, making it difficult to regain muscle tone with diet and exercise alone. He examined her abdomen both standing and laying down to evaluate the degree of loose skin and excess fat tissue. After her assessment, he suggested that she would benefit from a tummy tuck in Los Angeles. Unlike liposuction, which flattens the stomach but does not help with skin laxity, a tummy tuck tightens the abdomen muscles. Eager to get her pre-pregnancy body back, she scheduled an appointment for surgery.

For the procedure, her surgeon removed excess skin and fat using a lower abdominal incision and then tightened the abdominal muscles. Within just ten weeks following her surgery, the patient shows a significant improvement in her waistline with very little fat and no sagging skin. She is very happy with her transformation.

Procedures Performed

Tummy Tuck

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