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Vein Treatment Vein Treatment
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This 35-year-old woman disliked the green-hued veins on the back of her right leg. The solution: sclerotherapy at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, a practice famed for its exceptional results in cosmetic plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

Southern California’s warm weather makes light, revealing attire such as mini-skirts and shorts a natural choice. But for those who have unattractive veins, those clothing options may result in self-conscious feeling and lack of self-confidence. Bulging or discolored veins on women’s thighs and lower legs are known as spider veins, or telangiectasia. These hereditary veins can form in a variety of locations on the leg, as well as the face. In contrast, varicose veins are larger, raised veins that may appear bluish. A simple, safe office procedure called sclerotherapy at our practice can eliminate those unattractive veins permanently.

The procedure involves injecting a sclerosing solution is injected into your vein. Most patients experience minimal pain. The vein then becomes white before disappearing. The number of injections varies, depending on each individual’s situation. Most patients experience a 60% to 80% improvement after the treatment period has concluded.

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