Gentlewaves in Los Angeles, CA

Women and men in Los Angeles always welcome a skin rejuvenation treatment that is quick, painless, and non-invasive. GentleWaves® LED Photomodulation® can refresh the appearance and texture of your skin with no required downtime or aftercare.

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation is the treatment of choice for cosmetic surgeons worldwide for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and freckles (hyperpigmented lesions) and other skin conditions associated with sun damaged skin. These treatments are safe, affordable, and effective for all skin types. They are mild enough to safely be used around the delicate eye area. There is no pain, redness, peeling, side effects or downtime involved with these treatments; zero aftercare is needed.

How It Works

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation offers a gentle, non-ablative method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LEDs activate cells stimulating them to produce new collagen or multiply.

These treatments simultaneously inhibit the enzymes that cause the skin to age and breakdown. Over time, these processes work together to improve the skin’s tone and texture revealing a smooth, even, youthful complexion. The GentleWaves system can be adjusted to stimulate specific cell changes for specific applications.

What to Expect

Most clients enjoy soft, relaxing GentleWaves treatments, which are more like a facial than a laser treatment. We apply an enzyme mask to the treatment area, which allows the photomodulated light to penetrate the skin cells.

The GentleWaves light source unit is then positioned in front of the treatment area for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. As the skin is not harmed, there is no pain and no required recovery time. A typical GentleWaves treatment regimen generally consists of 8 to 10 treatments once or twice a week. After which most patients benefit from maintenance treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.

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Results & Recovery

Results from your GentleWaves treatment will appear gradually because it is so mild. As your regimen continues, your skin will glow, wrinkles will soften, and sunspots and freckles will fade. These enhancements will continue for up to 6 months after your regimen is complete.

If you are interested in more aggressive laser treatments, consider Thermage® or Cutera® laser treatments. We can help you determine the right skin treatment regime for you with a VISIA Digital Complexion Analysis. Call our office at 877.298.9915 and arrange your private skin consultation today.

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