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LATISSE Eyelash Growth Treatment in Los Angeles from Marina Plastic Surgery

Marina Plastic Surgery now offers LATISSE for naturally enhanced eyelash growth. Through simple, at-home applications, eyelashes naturally grow darker, thicker, and longer. No more worry about lashes smudging or running.

Marina Del Rey, California (February 2009) - The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery announce a first-of-its-kind treatment for growing darker, fuller, longer eyelashes without pills, injections, or surgery. This innovative treatment, LATISSE, is a topical solution that enhances eyelash growth, and is available from their Los Angeles plastic surgery office.

"It's always a good thing when we can encourage the body to enhance the appearance naturally," says Dr. Grant Stevens, board certified plastic surgeon and Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery. "LATISSE is simple to apply and actually encourages darker, thicker, longer eyelash growth. At Marina Plastic Surgery we are excited to be one of the first practices to offer this unique, new product to our patients."

The effective ingredient in LATISSE, bimatoprost, is thought to extend the eyelash growth cycle and increase the number of individual eyelashes that grow. This results in longer, fuller, darker eyelashes that won't run or smudge even when patients swim, exercise, or get teary eyed.

Improvements from LATISSE appear gradually as eyelashes grow in and are replaced. In as little as 4 weeks, patients should begin to notice their lashes becoming thicker and fuller. These improvements will continue, as lashes grow longer, with ultimate results reached in 16 weeks. To sustain enhanced eyelash growth, daily treatments must be continued; otherwise, lashes will gradually return to their pre-treatment state.

Consistency and accuracy of application are vital to the effectiveness of this product, which is why LATISSE is available only through a doctor's prescription. Taking the time to carefully instruct patients in its proper use, is essential in optimizing their results.

Patients perform daily applications of LATISSE themselves in the convenience and privacy of their own home. The product is applied with a special applicator that is traced along the skin at the base of the upper eyelids, in the same way liquid eyeliner is applied.

In addition to LATISSE eyelash growth treatment, Marina Plastic Surgery near Los Angeles offers many non-invasive ways to look younger and healthier, such as Fraxel laser treatments and BOTOX Cosmetic, in addition to their extensive offering of cosmetic surgery procedures.

The doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery are pleased to offer an exciting, new eyelash growth treatment, in addition to a complete line of medical spa services. Request a free consultation to learn more about LATISSE or call 877-298-9915.

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