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Fraxel Laser: A Fraction of the Recovery Time

For many people, the commitments of work and daily routines make time a precious commodity. Unfortunately, the pressure to look healthy, youthful and attractive continues to increase, both at home and at the workplace. Men and women, whether they stay at home to care for their children, or work in a high profile career, want to look better. It's difficult to feel energetic when people are continually asking: "Are you ok? You look exhausted!".

Obviously too much work and not enough rest can make anyone look less than their best. However, the normal aging process frequently mimicks the appearance of being tired and sluggish. Sagging brows and facial skin can project an aura of poor health and inadequate rest, which in turn affects the image one projects to the outside world.

There are many excellent procedures that have been developed to reverse signs of aging. Such treatments refresh facial appearance and improve skin tone. Surgery, such as a face lift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery can be very effective. However, these procedures require a recovery period. Likewise, skin resurfacing with chemical peels or lasers work well, but also entail a recovery period.

Many people are delighted with the results of these procedures and are willing to set aside the time needed for recovery. However, for those who had little free time to spare, there were few options that offered significant improvement with minimal recovery time. That has changed with the introduction of the Fraxel Laser!

Fraxel Laser was developed to provide the benefits of skin resurfacing (collagen stimulation and skin tightening) without side affects and lengthy recovery time. The way this is accomplished is quite clever. Rather than emitting a sheet of laser, the Fraxel Laser sends multiple thin columns of laser into the treatment area, leaving the majority of the skin intact. As a result, the tiny columns of laser stimulate collagen growth, allowing the work of traditional lasers to be accomplished with virtually no side effects.

Finally, we can offer a true "lunch-break" treatment that significantly improves one's appearance without surgery. Fraxel® Laser is a perfect method of rejuvenation for people "on-the go".

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