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Pasadena and Beverly Hills Abdominoplasty Patients Driving for Surgery

Located to serve all of Los Angeles, Marina Plastic Surgery is seeing more Long Beach and Beverly Hills abdominoplasty patients make the drive to Marina Del Rey to benefit from the experience of Dr. Grant Stevens.

Marina Del Rey, California (December 2009) - Dr. Grant Stevens, board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery, says he is seeing a rise in the number of women and men who prefer to make the short drive from Pasadena or Beverly Hills for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) from a practice widely known for its satisfying plastic surgery outcomes.

"Our office has been serving patients throughout Greater Los Angeles for years and it's certainly not a huge drive, but right now we just seem to be attracting a high number of patients from areas like Long Beach and Pasadena," says practice founder Dr. Grant Stevens. "The quality of our results and the satisfaction of our patients are always our top priorities – that's the real reason more patients are willing to add a few minutes to their drive to see us."

Dr. Stevens offers a full range of procedures beyond body contouring. He is seeing increased interest in combining abdominoplasty with other surgeries such as breast augmentation, a procedure commonly called a "Mommy Makeover." These procedures have gained immense popularity with area moms by combining the abdominal tightening and fat removal effects of a tummy tuck with an enhanced breast appearance.

Many of their new patients also say they're drawn to Marina Plastic Surgery because they place a high priority on the uniqueness of each patient, which not all surgeons do. Adding procedures to a tummy tuck helps Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients get a custom-tailored result that reflects their specific cosmetic needs.

Trust is an important factor when selecting a plastic surgeon. Although some doctors will recommend a "mini" tummy tuck for most patients because it is less expensive and less invasive, Dr. Stevens says that often traditional tummy tucks offer much better results in the long term.

"The mini tuck can get excellent results for the right patient, but for most moms in particular, it's just not enough. It's a question of prioritizing results that will last," explains Dr. Stevens.

Not all people who are considering abdominoplasty will be candidates for a tummy tuck. Some Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Long Beach residents traveling to Marina Del Rey will find that the surgeons recommend a different cosmetic approach, such as liposuction. All procedure recommendations are based on a physical examination and review of the patient's medical history.

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