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Plastic Surgeon Comments on Success of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Dr. Grant Stevens, a board-certified plastic surgeon and Los Angeles breast augmentation specialist, talks about why gummy bear breast implants are so popular and what he's learned from working with this newest generation of silicone implants.

Marina Del Rey, California (July 2012) – Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery says more Los Angeles breast augmentation patients are taking advantage of the new cohesive-gel silicone implants known as gummy bears. Patients turn to him because he has been actively involved in the testing of these new implants, which were just recently approved by the FDA, and because he has extensive experience with breast enhancement procedures.

"Gummy bear breast implants are made of a cohesive silicone gel that's similar in texture to a gummy bear candy," Dr. Stevens says, "and even though they hold their shape, they are still extremely soft and flexible and have a very natural look and feel."

Dr. Stevens was recently quoted in Allure magazine and online blogs, explaining what differentiates gummy bear implants from the previous silicone varieties.

Known for his outstanding ability to communicate with patients and explain how various products and techniques can create a range of looks, he says "gummy bear" was the logical nickname for these new implants.

"I wanted to be able to explain how the implants are soft like natural breast tissue but also hold their shape," Dr. Stevens says. "The name 'gummy bear' just stuck, partly because it's a great way for patients to learn about what differentiates various Los Angeles breast implant options."

Dr. Stevens says gummy bear implants are just one example of the many advances taking place in plastic surgery. He says other procedures in Los Angeles like breast reduction and breast lifts are also being refined to offer patients safer, more natural-looking results.

"It's great to see that patients are able to get the results they desire with these new techniques and products," Dr. Stevens says. "I look forward to helping new patients learn about gummy bear breast implants and the many other options we offer."

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