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"Micro" Liposuction Patients Choosing Combination Enhancements

As Los Angeles and Beverly Hills liposuction patients desire more complete results, plastic surgeons are performing more procedures that combine the Smartlipo laser lipolysis system with other procedures for enhanced body sculpting.

Los Angeles, California (March 2009) - Cosmetic surgery patients used to rely on Los Angeles liposuction alone to provide them with more desirable body contours. But recently, the plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery say that their patients have been requesting combination procedures that integrate other kinds of plastic surgery with liposuction. The surgeons attribute this shift to the convenience of customized approaches like Smartlipo laser liposuction.

"Smartlipo works well as a standalone body contouring option, but it is also very effective when combined with traditional liposuction, a tummy tuck, or other cosmetic procedures," says Marina Plastic Surgery Medical Director and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens. "Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills liposuction patients in particular appreciate the added benefits and smooth results they can achieve with Smartlipo."

Combining Smartlipo and traditional liposuction is already a popular choice at Marina Plastic Surgery, but increasingly Smartlipo is being added to breast reductions, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic surgery options. In fact, candidates for Beverly Hills laser liposuction often are having a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or face lift to create maximum improvement with minimal downtime.

"Years ago, we saw fewer patients interested in combination procedures because, even when they wanted to address multiple areas, it was often assumed that combining procedures multiplied a patient's surgical risks," explains Dr. Stevens. "However, several recent studies have shown that combined plastic surgery has risks comparable to those of individual procedures. So the decision is more about convenience, and in most cases combining procedures is more cost-effective than having each procedure performed separately."

With the advent of Smartlipo laser lipolysis, surgeons are able to liquefy fat cells while tightening the inner layers of skin so that they contract to the slimmer body contour. This process can allow both the patient and the surgeon greater flexibility to adapt liposuction for combination procedures, at the same time as it helps speed up the surgical process and minimizes Los Angeles liposuction recovery times.

"Each patient requires a unique approach," notes Dr. Stevens. "Liposuction and abdominoplasty both require different approaches for a patient who has never had children, or for a patient who has had five. I explain to each patient how I will customize a procedure for their unique needs, and they appreciate having procedure options that allow them increased flexibility and a custom result. To a large extent, this is why Smartlipo is such a popular choice to add to other cosmetic procedures."

Dr. Stevens performs body contouring procedures using Smartlipo laser technology at Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles. For more information, call them at (800) 763-9968 or click here to receive a free consultation.

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