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Los Angeles Breast Enhancement Patients Choose New Shape for the New Year

As 2010 begins, many women are pursuing their resolution to look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, especially with breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift.

Weight loss is not the only item on the list of New Year's resolutions for women in Southern California this year. Many women are considering cosmetic surgery, and a top procedure this year is breast augmentation, according to Dr. Grant Stevens, board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery. Los Angeles breast enhancement procedures including breast augmentation and breast lift are quickly becoming a top option for women looking to achieve a new shape and refresh their self-confidence in 2010.

"We generally begin to see a larger number of patients in the first few months of the New Year, but this year we're definitely seeing a lot more breast enhancement patients," notes Dr. Stevens. "I think it may be one more hopeful sign that the economy is turning around and that women are feeling more confident about considering their cosmetic options."

While breast enhancement procedures are undoubtedly cosmetic, a breast augmentation or breast lift can contribute significantly to a healthy self-image. Many women report feeling more positive about themselves and their relationships following cosmetic breast surgery.

A central theme of New Year's resolutions is "self improvement." That goal can take shape in many ways, whether a person is trying to lose some weight, pick up a new skill, or strengthen their relationships. Many of Marina Plastic Surgery's Los Angeles breast augmentation patients, particularly at this time of year, are serious about self improvement and see the surgery as part of a bigger picture plan to look and feel their best.

For some women, breast enhancement is just one of their cosmetic goals, which may include other surgeries or nonsurgical treatments for the body and face. One popular option is the "mommy makeover" – a custom-selected group of cosmetic procedures for moms who want to turn back the clock and recapture the way they looked before pregnancy and child rearing.

"Right now, moms may be thinking hard about a tummy tuck, liposuction, or a breast lift in Los Angeles," adds Dr. Stevens. "February, March and April are a very good time for women considering cosmetic surgery to have their procedures, so that they can make progress toward their New Year's resolutions while being able to recover in time to reveal their results this summer."

In addition to breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries, the doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery also have extensive experience performing breast reduction, the Laser Bra procedure, and nipple enhancement.

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Marina Del Rey, California (February 2010)

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