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Nipple Surgery Procedures on the Rise

Surgeons have been performing nipple surgery for years to improve the look of enlarged nipples, correct inverted nipples or achieve areola reduction. Dr. Grant Stevens is known for nipple repair procedures and has seen an increase at his practice.

Marina Del Rey, California (May 5, 2011) – According to Dr. Grant Stevens, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Marina Plastic Surgery, more and more women are coming to his practice seeking nipple surgery for repair, correction and enhancement.

"The fact is that even though nipples may be hidden, women still want them to look attractive," says Dr. Stevens. "Millions of women suffer with nipple and areola abnormalities such as inverted nipples, enlarged nipples, and puffy, enlarged or discolored areolas. Many of these conditions can impact breast function, but they all impact the way women feel about their bodies."

Dr. Stevens had so many requests for repair that he created a nipple surgery website, www.nipplerepair.com, where women (and men) can go to choose the perfect nipple. "The nipple can be repaired during outpatient surgery or during breast reduction or breast enhancement surgery," says Dr. Stevens.

There are various nipple conditions including:

  • Nipple inversion is a disfiguring condition that affects two percent of all women. The degree to which a nipple is inverted will vary from "shy" to severely retracted.
  • Enlarged nipples can be corrected with simple outpatient surgery reducing the length or diameter of one or both nipples.
  • Reducing enlarged areolas is a quick fix as the areola can impact the appearance of the breasts more than any other feature.
  • "Puffy" areolas put a cone-like cap on the breasts that some people find unattractive. A simple surgery can flatten the areola and beautify the breasts.

Dr. Stevens trained extensively in both general and plastic surgery before establishing his successful Los Angeles plastic surgery practice. Dr. Stevens has published extensively in clinical research publications showcasing some of the latest developments in plastic surgery procedures and has gained recognition as a pioneer in new techniques for procedures including liposuction and breast reduction.

Dr. Stevens has advanced experience in all forms of cosmetic breast surgery, including nipple surgery and areola reduction. Request a free consultation online for more information.

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