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Marina Plastic Surgery Offers FDA-approved Sientra Breast Implants

A new option for women considering breast implants in Los Angeles, the form-stable Sientra® silicone-gel implant, was recently approved by the FDA and is now available at Marina Plastic Surgery.

Marina Del Rey, California (July 2012) – While Sientra "gummy bear" breast implants were just approved by the FDA in March, Dr. Grant Stevens, medical director of Marina Plastic Surgery, has already performed over 500 Sientra breast implant procedures. He was among a handful of surgeons chosen to conduct pre-approval clinical trials on the new, fifth-generation silicone-gel breast implants in Los Angeles.

"The results have been remarkable, and I am confident that these new gummy bear implants are extremely safe," Dr. Stevens says. "I coined the nickname because the silicone-gel filling is similar to the consistency of gummy bear candies. The gel can be squeezed, pulled, even cut, and it still holds its shape."

One long-term study by Dr. Stevens showed that the Sientra Silimed-brand implants have a low incidence of complications comparable to their fourth-generation counterparts. The study indicated fewer cases of capsular contracture and less wrinkling with the Sientra implants. In addition, Silimed is the only company to make round gummy-bear implants, as well as a wide variety of shapes, sizes and profiles.

"This is another fantastic benefit," Dr. Stevens says. "Now Los Angeles breast implant patients have an option that not only fits their body contours precisely but also gives them more choices for defining the exact look they want to achieve."

Having performed hundreds of Sientra breast augmentations, Dr. Stevens is quick to dispel any misconceptions about these gummy bear breast implants. One such rumor is that they may be firmer than their counterparts.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," he says. "My Los Angeles plastic surgery patients who have gummy bears are ecstatic about how natural they look and feel. The filling in these new fifth-generation silicone-gel implants is simply amazing." Dr. Stevens adds that, while the high-strength gel holds it shape under all circumstances, it is still extremely lifelike, soft and flexible.

"Gummy bear breast implants are so flexible that they can still be implanted easily and don't require a larger incision than other widely available silicone implants. I routinely use the same periareolar incisions preferred by most of my breast augmentation patients. And even though they are the newest implants available, their cost is the same as other implants."

Dr. Stevens has in-depth experience with all types of implants – both silicone and saline – from a variety of manufacturers. As a result, patients from all across the country come to Los Angeles for breast augmentation at Marina Plastic Surgery.

"Because I work closely with many of the leading manufacturers and continue to be involved with clinical trials for other fifth-generation silicone implants that are nearing FDA approval, I can offer my patients a wide variety of options," Dr. Stevens says. "No matter what a patient is looking for, we can provide the specific implants that can best fill that patient's needs."

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