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Details for Case #2064

This 48-year-old woman was concerned about loose, saggy skin that hung from her upper arm, visible in her preoperative photos. Because it caused her small figure to look heavy, she visited the offices of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates where her surgeon first conducted a thorough assessment to understand her needs. Her surgeon suggested a brachioplasty (arm lift) and Beverly Hills area liposuction of the arms as the most effective ways for this woman to enhance her shape and correct the loose, flabby areas that she disliked.

The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery typically recommend liposuction only for patients who have made a healthy diet and exercise part of their daily routine, and who have found that certain areas of their body resist normal ways of slimming and reshaping. Through tiny incisions, this woman’s surgeon used a liposuction wand called a cannula to remove fat cells from her upper arms. A longer incision hidden on the inside of the arm allowed him to tighten her loose tissues in a brachioplasty procedure for smoother, more defined arm contours.

The results of this woman’s Beverly Hills area plastic surgery procedures have given her arms a more flattering appearance that balances much better with her natural shape. She is very pleased that her surgeon was able to reduce the amount of excess skin and tissue that hung from her arms, and in her post-operative photos she is showing obvious improvement. She now feels more comfortable wearing the clothes she likes and is very glad that she chose to contact Marina Plastic Surgery.

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