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After Weight Loss Before & Afters Case #2647

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After giving birth, many mothers have a strong desire to restore their bodies to a pre-pregnancy shape. The "mommy makeover" is a popular choice for women who want to rejuvenate multiple areas in one procedure. When this 25-year-old mother of three met with her surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery, she explained that she was seeking a makeover procedure to tighten and smooth her entire lower abdominal area. He examined her shape and recommended that she undergo a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery in Los Angeles.

During her procedure, her doctor also used liposuction to remove a significant amount loose fat from her abdomen, flanks, and hips. Because of his extensive work with advanced liposuction techniques, her doctor was able to sculpt beautifully smooth contours in these areas. During the same procedure, he also tightened her abdominal muscles and pulled her loose belly skin down to secure it in a tighter position before trimming away the excess. Because her skin has been tightened, her birthmark appears lower, but as her final result shows, her skin looks very smooth - the adjusted birthmark is the only sign that her skin has been stretched to fit her slimmer shape.

In her photographs taken two years following her surgery with a Los Angeles liposuction surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery, this woman's body now has a much more balanced look. She is very pleased with her newly restored appearance as she looks younger and fitter, with a tighter tummy and more shapely hips. Typical liposuction patients see no easily noticeable signs of their procedure after healing, and this woman is very happy with her new figure.

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After Weight Loss

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