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Details for Case #11908

This 63 year old woman wanted a skin treatment that would smooth her smile lines and a lip treatment to even out her lips. To help her achieve her goals, a highly qualified professional at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates suggested JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel treatments and RADIESSE® in Los Angeles.

Her Los Angeles JUVÉDERM treatment consisted of one syringe (0.8 cc) of JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus injected into her upper and lower lips. JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus consists of hyaluronic acid filler made of large particles (rather than small particles which are used in other common dermal fillers). This worked well for this patient to restore the volume of her lips.

In conjunction with her JUVÉDERM treatment, her Los Angeles RADIESSE treatment helped improve her smile lines. She was treated with one syringe (1.5cc) of RADIESSE which consists of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in biocompatible carboxymethyl cellulose gel. This immediately began working to smooth out her smile lines and encourage new collagen growth beneath her outmost layer of skin.

Her results were fantastic. The photos show that her lips have a perkier, plumper look to them and her smile lines are now nearly invisible. While these results can last for years, some touch-up treatments may be required so she can maintain optimal results. This patient is satisfied with her treatment of RADIESSE and JUVÉDERM in Los Angeles.

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