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Labiaplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 5762

Labiaplasty Before & Afters Case #5762

Patient Details

This 24-year-old woman was unhappy with the appearance of her vagina. Her extended labia were uncomfortable and caused her personal embarrassment; she was also worried about how their shape affected her hygiene. After finding a Long Beach area plastic surgeon she trusted, she made an appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery and decided to undergo a labiaplasty to re-sculpt this very personal area.

Undergoing a labiaplasty is a decision that requires careful thought and a clear understanding of your procedure options. The surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery made this patient feel comfortable that she understood her choices accurately, and he was happy to address any questions or concerns she raised in her consultation. During a labiaplasty procedure the surgeon may adjust the length and position of the inner or the outer labia, or both. Because of the delicate nature and sensitivity of the tissues in this area, accurate techniques are especially important to create results that look and feel natural.

As seen in the post-operative photo taken 14 months after her procedure, this patient's surgery was very successful. The surgeon removed unwanted tissue from the labia minora to create an aesthetically pleasing size and shape that maintains her natural appearance while preventing the inner labia from protruding beyond the outer labia. She is very pleased with the results of her Pasadena area plastic surgery and is no longer embarrassed or uncomfortable with this area of her body.

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