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Nose Reshaping Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 10289

Nose Reshaping Before & Afters Case #10289

Patient Details

Feeling that her nose was too prominent for her otherwise petite features, this 31-year-old woman was interested in nose reshaping surgery. After researching about rhinoplasty, she began looking for a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who had years of experience performing rhinoplasty and was known for quality work. Eventually, she decided to contact Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a consultation.

When she met with her surgeon, she explained that she wanted to refine her nasal tip, reduce her dorsum and rotate the tip to a perkier position. With his refined experience in aesthetic surgery, her surgeon would use either a "closed" or "open" incision to reshape her nose. The open incision produces a small scar underneath the nose while the closed incision produces no visible scarring. By using careful techniques, her surgeon would customize the procedure to meet her goals.

After her rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, she was given time to recover before her postoperative photos were taken. Her results are remarkable; her nose seems to match the rest of her features better after surgery. She was happy with the results and glad that she decided to undergo surgery.

Procedures Performed

Nose Reshaping

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