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Fat Transfer

Facial wrinkles and creases are part of the aging process. They begin to appear as the underlying collagen and elastin fibers break down and wear out. While this breakdown is part of the natural aging process, it can also result from excessive squinting, frowning, and smiling. Beverly Hills and Los Angeles residents visit us for fat transfer to smooth out wrinkles, enhancing their look without risk of allergic reaction.

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July 2012

Your Options

While collagen can smooth out wrinkles, injectable collagen isn't for everyone. Some patients are allergic to bovine collagen or may develop an allergic reaction over time. If you are considering collagen injections to correct the early signs of aging, you will need to have a simple skin test prior to your treatment.

Test drive your new look

Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulations from the VECTRA 3D imaging system. This advanced technology can help you and your surgeon to determine the best approach for creating the results you want.

Fat transfer, also called autologous fat transfer or micro-lipoinjection, plumps up facial features with a patient's own fat and is a popular alternative to other wrinkle treatments. Fat transfer to the face is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure designed to recontour your face and provide definition to your cheeks and chin. It can also be used to correct facial deformities.

Since fat transfer uses your own fat cells, you can never have an allergic reaction. With fat transfer in Los Angeles, the doctor can liposuction fat from your thighs and transfer a portion of it to any area of your body. Re-injected fat lasts longer in larger areas of non-movement, so it is very successful for the correction of sunken cheeks. Fat transfer can also correct atrophic aging of the hands, as well as post-surgical and post-traumatic defects. But not every area of the body responds well to fat transfer. The breasts for instance, are out. Injecting fat into the breast makes it much more difficult to detect breast cancer with mammograms.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Real patients

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

What to Expect

Patients are up and around immediately following fat transfer in Los Angeles. Any discomfort following the procedure can be controlled with medication. Some swelling at the treatment site may last up to 36 hours. There may be some bruising, which can be covered with make-up.

Your initial injection should last up to 6 months. Over the first few months about 65% of the fat will be absorbed by your body. The remaining 35% will usually stay in place for years. For results that will last years, patients usually receive three or four treatments over a six-month period.

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