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Beverly Hills: Building on Beauty Since the Beginning Ch 2

Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

Part 2 of a look at why plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is the gold standard. By Kitty Monroe.

If you're looking at a make-over or even just a slight surgical adjustment, whether it's liposuction or breast augmentation, Beverly Hills inspired or not, look at your favorite features first. Ask your plastic surgeon how you can accentuate your most alluring features when you want to address what you consider to be a flaw. If you go into a consultation asking for Jennifer Aniston's nose because you think yours is too big; you might overlook the fact that your nose perfectly accentuates your cheekbones - it's your chin that needs a little help. You don't need a starlet's features, you need to find your own traits of beauty and build from there.

The irony of Beverly Hills is that the people who made this landmark the burgeoning enclave of wealth, fame and beauty were actually mavericks and pioneers. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks came to Beverly Hills and built their magnificent mansion, Pickfair, in 1919 before anyone had a clue that this landscape would become home to almost every star of the silver screen during the golden age of movies. These visionaries became fashion and life style trend setters not by following the status quo but by leading the way to a new way of life in Southern California.

Beverly Hills is still the trend setting capital of the entertainment industry because the people who live here continue to innovate and create the fashions, art, and lifestyles that set the standards of beauty for the rest of the world to follow. And while following is fine for some, you can find inspiration here without becoming a carbon copy of someone else.

The cornerstone of the American way of life has always been an independent spirit that draws inspiration from its surroundings and then improves on those ideas, ultimately creating something unique. Nowhere is this concept more important than in the realm of plastic surgery.

If you were to take the most beautiful feature of the most beautiful people in Beverly Hills and through plastic surgery construct the perfect make-over, you'd look more like a Picasso painting than a gorgeous model. That's because overall beauty requires that each feature be in proportion to every other feature.

"The Greeks called it 'The Golden Mean' which means beauty is in the balance and proportion of everything. It is the timeless standard of beauty that defies every trend and all the fads," explains Dr. Stevens. "I live in Beverly Hills, and I see it every day. I also see what happens when someone tries to create a look that isn't right for them."

Dr. Stevens might be onto something, and that might be why he takes so much time to talk to his patients during their initial consultation. Because creating a beautiful and successful surgical outcome means understanding not only the goals and desires of each patient but grasping their true nature and how to accentuate their best qualities.

Like the founders of Beverly Hills, in his plastic surgery practice Dr. Stevens isn't interested in re-creating what has already been done. He's looking to create a one-of-a-kind look for each of his patients so their beauty is their own.

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