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Breast Augmentation Before & Afters Case #6254

Patient Details

This 24-year-old woman was very unhappy with the size of her breasts. At 5'2" and 90 lbs, she had extremely small breasts and constantly wore padded bras to make her chest look fuller and more feminine. Wanting to go from a 30 A to a 30 B+, she began looking for a talented Los Angeles plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation on her.

The lack of breast tissue is one of the major challenges of breast augmentation for women with very small breasts. So, choosing a surgeon with years of experience performing breast augmentation on cases similar to hers was vital. After some consideration, she scheduled a consultation with one of the talented plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

When she came for her consultation, she and her surgeon discussed the size, placement and type of implant she wanted. Together, they decided that she would have 245 cc cohesive silicone gel implants, or gummy bear implants placed under her muscle through an inframammary incision, or an incision in the crease below the breast. The procedure would be particularly challenging because of her breast size, but by using careful techniques and an ideal placement of the implant would help ensure good results.

When her breast augmentation in Los Angeles was completed, she was very happy with the way she fills out her clothing and bathing suit and was very grateful that she no longer has to wear padded bras.

Procedures Performed

Breast Augmentation

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