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Breast Augmentation Before & Afters Case #6557

Patient Details

This 35-year-old woman wanted Los Angeles breast implants to enlarge the size of her breasts. During her consultation her surgeon explained to her the types of implants that she could choose from. They also discussed options for incision location, and type of placement.

She decided she wanted silicone implants, and more specifically "gummy bear" implants. Gummy bear implants are made of a "form stable" gel which maintains its shape whether the person is standing up or lying down. This eliminates the folding in the shell of the gummy bear inserts. She chose to have these 315 cc gummy bear implants inserted through incisions around her areolas into submuscular pockets.

As shown in the photos, her nipples are aligned evenly, and her breasts look very proportional. She is pleased with the natural feel of her gummy bear implants. The scaring from the procedure is nearly invisible, which makes her breasts have a natural appearance. Her Los Angeles plastic surgeon was pleased that he was able to help her achieve results she had longed for.

Procedures Performed

Breast Augmentation

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