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Sleight Of Hand: Face Not The Only Age Marker

To someone outside of most major cities, plastic surgery can seem exotic and expensive. But we all are getting older, and retirement age is being pushed higher. Suddenly people in their forties, fifties and sixties are wanting and needing to look vital for their age… or even better.

Plastic surgery, well done, can buoy a person’s confidence and elongate a career.

Even men are under increasingly tougher physical standards than their dads or grandfathers ever had to worry about, and women, of course, know how it’s stacked: We have to be drop dead gorgeous until we’re six feet under.

Carla Crespo MS, PA-C, considered one of the best injectors in the country

One of the fastest growing treatments in the office is the new hand job. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter, as we spoke with one of the highest rated board certified plastic surgeons in the USA, Dr. Grant Stevens, who relies on his erstwhile ace in the hole: Carla Crespo MS, PA-C, considered one of the best injectors of all things injectable in the country. Carla is also a distinguished member of the Injector-Trainers for Allergan. Carla shared with me how men and women are asking for hand treatments more often.

Hands betray us. You can be ultra abstemious with your diet and exercise like a fiend, but that skin on the back of your hand – like your neck and earlobes – gives your age up in a flash. We’ve all seen those awful Madonna and Angelina hand photos…

Madonna's hands
Oh Madge, you need to see Dr. Stevens!

You can blame the thinness of top of the hand skin and the beating they take over a lifetime. Sun, water and even your genetics all add up. Personally, my hands and feet have always been veiny. I never had a fat layer (the only part of my body that didn’t) on the backs of my hands or my feet for that matter. The late, great Nora Ephron wrote a book about aging called, “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” I’m thinking about writing the sequel: “I Bummed Out About My Hands.”

Carla spoke to me about a non-surgical plan of action that doesn’t involve copious amounts of Prozac. She said, “This FDA-approved injectable gel not only adds volume to the face, but can be used safely on hands too.”

Radiesse is proving to be the best filler for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. So how long does Radiesse last? Expect about six months to a year of increased smoothness. Carla was properly trained on the best technique for administering Radiesse for the safest, best outcome for men and women.

Carla said, “Treating the hands with Radiesse is a simple and quick procedure that can usually be completed in 15 minutes and provides an immediate volumizing effect, and helps to reduce the prominence of tendons and veins in the hands.”

Photo of hand before Radiesse was injected into itBefore Radiesse

There are caveats as with any plastic surgery procedure, no matter how non-invasive it is. Radiesse can be seen in X-rays and CT Scans. It is important that you tell your health care provider if you’ve had it prior to any scans. Some common adverse effects include bruising, redness, swelling, pain, itching, nodules or bumps/lumps, and general sensitivity near and around the injected area, but Carla says these things are rare. Any procedure, from Botox to a mommy makeover, should only be done by a board certified plastic surgeon and trained staff. You don’t want to wind up on E!’s “Botched!”

Photo of hand after Radiesse was injected into itAfter Radiesse

“My clients are increasingly aware of aging hands, now, more so than ever because of skimpy summer styles. Couple that with Los Angeles dry heat where women are wearing less and hands and gams are exposed like never before.”

She recommends combining Radiesse with other treatments for a real transformation. “My secret formula: Radiesse combined with Limelight (IPL laser) and topical treatment Manuka makes for a miraculous end result. I love to see the changes when I fill thin and bony hands with Radiesse. Then I kiss-off those brown spots with Limelight and top off with a dollop of Manuka Mask (Airelle) moisturizer.”

“No surgery, no downtime… easy breezy. Nothing done with a heavy-hand!” quipped Carla.

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