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They “Wrote the Book” on Liposuction and Body Contouring, Well, The Chapter

In a new textbook on plastic surgery, Los Angeles-based Dr. Grant Stevens collaborated with two other surgeons to write the chapter on liposuction, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and buttocks lifts to help set the gold standard of practice for plastic surgeons and residents worldwide….
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Forehead Lift Procedures and Technology Continue to Advance Providing Better Results

Dr. Grant Stevens Participates in Study that Finds Success in New Fixation Device that Allows for Excellent Fixation and Adjustment Correction….
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Study Shows Saline Breast Implants Have Minimal Deflation Over Time

While the FDA continues its studies on alternative breast implant materials, saline implants remain the most common implant material used in breast augmentation – they provide good results….
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MOVE OVER, FOUNTAIN-OF-YOUTH! Competition is hot this Holiday Season

If you’re bored with the usual bling-bling, treat yourself to a gift that really keeps on giving. Men and women all over the United States are foregoing the must-have “bling” to gain the must-have “zing”… of laser that is!….
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“More is more” with Super-sized “Gummy Bear” High-Strength Gel Implants

With modern advances in plastic surgery, breast size, like any other enhancement, is a matter of personal choice. Now, women who dream of a curvier, fuller figure can double-even triple-their breast size with super large silicone high strength gel implants….
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Popular TV Show Goes Under the Knife of Esteemed Southern Californian Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grant Stevens Uses Web Site to Correct Myths Furthered by TV Shows Featuring Extreme Plastic Surgery and the Operating Room…
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“Extreme” Cosmetic Surgery – Study Finds No Extra Complications with Combined Procedures

Combining Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries into One Operation Does Not Increase Risks for Patients of Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon…
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Marina Plastic Surgery Unmasks the “Beauty Bandit”

Marina Plastic Surgery is combining two innovative treatments- Fraxel® Laser and ThermaCool™- to give back the confidence thousands have had stolen by melasma and aging skin…
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New Acne-fighting Light Treatments Eradicate the Number One Skin Disease at the Root

Two new powerful light therapies that fight the causes of acne are now providing people with effective alternatives to antibiotics, prescription pills, and complex skin regimes. ….
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Stevens Approach Successfully Repairs Inverted Nipples and Preserves Milk Ducts

Dr. Stevens has created an improved procedure for correcting inverted nipples and a special device called a Stevens Stent to keep the nipple protected and in traction in the days following the surgery….
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Combining the Newest Non-Surgical Procedures Gives Patients Maximum Rejuvenation with Minimum Recovery

Marina Plastic Surgery Combines Fraxel® Laser and ThermaCool™ Radiofrequency Technology to Fight Signs of Aging with Minimally Invasive State-of-the-Art Treatment Package…
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Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery is one of the first plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area to begin a new laser technology, the Fraxel® Laser Treatment…
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Gummies Aren’t for Dummies

Discerning Breast Augmentation Candidates Choose New, High-Strength Silicone Gel Breast Implants….
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Breast Reductions on the Rise as More Women Choose to Reduce in Order to Increase Their Quality of Life

Large-breasted women increasingly turn to surgery to relieve chronic pain and get bodies that are better proportioned….
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Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Still Going Strong with ThermaCool™ Facelift… On his Patients & Himself

Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery proudly announces that he continues to successfully treat patients with the ThermaCool™ Facelift…
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Poll Allows Americans to Choose the Perfect Nipple

While Votes Are Cast for the Perfect Size and Projection, Help is Available for Those Who Need Nipple Correction.
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Women Taking Breast Enhancement Pills Swallow Empty Promises

Flip through any women’s magazine and you are sure to find advertisements hawking pills to enlarge women’s breasts. But do these pills actually work?
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MSNBC, Seeking better breast implants

Many women hoping for a more natural-looking alternative to saline breast implants were disappointed by the Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision to maintain the ban on silicone-gel-filled implants. But there may be other options on the market one…click for full story

Breast Reductions Lower Cancer Risks by 50 – 70%

A recent study that observed thousands of women in the United States, Canada, Denmark and Sweden has proven that Breast Reductions significantly lower the risk of a high-risk woman developing breast cancer….click for full story

Breast Implants: Don’t Take Away Right to Choose

A 1991 Wall Street Journal article written by Dr. Stevens defending a women’s right to make an informed decision about breast implants, specifically silicone breast implants. This article is all the more interesting considering the FDA finally lifted their ban on silicone breast implants in November 2006, 15 years after Dr. Stevens’ article!
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